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Sales Policy

Terms and Conditions of Sales


A bunny is officially reserved for you with a non-refundable  DEPOSIT via PayPal using the friends and family option. The buyer is responsible for any additional fees from PayPal. This deposit will be applied toward the total amount owed for the bunny. The balance is due prior to or when the bunny is picked up. The deposit will ONLY be refunded if we cancel the sale. Any other circumstance, such as a change of mind or failure to pick up at the agreed-upon time, your deposit will not be refunded and will be considered a donation to be applied towards bunny feed/housing. Please be certain that your entire family is ready for a bunny before you make a deposit!

* Once you have reserved a bunny with a deposit, you may request updates on the bunny and additional photos or video. We know how exciting it is to wait for your new family member, so we try to accommodate within reason.​


Bunnies generally are priced between $50 - $100. Our bunnies are fed the best quality food and hay, come litter box started, and are provided with superb care and daily interaction since day one. Please understand that we are constantly investing a lot of time and money into providing the best environment and care possible for our rabbits. The price is the price. Please do not ask for discounts. We simply cannot maintain our high standards of care for any less. 

Pick Up

Creme d'Argents and Champagne d'Argents may leave after 8 weeks of age. 
Bunny pick-up dates and times will be discussed 2 weeks prior to them departing to their new homes.
All bunnies must be picked up at our agreed location in Summerville, SC.

You must pay for the rabbit in full before leaving our ownership. Until this time, the rabbit remains the property of Flowertown Rabbits.


❤️ Please bring a pet carrier with timothy hay to transport your bunny home. 


We operate a closed rabbitry for the biosecurity of our herd rabbits and bunnies for sale. Bunnies will be picked up outside of our home.

Using a Transporter:

  • Transportation will be offered to rabbits after the age of 8 weeks old. We will do a 5 point check of each bunny with the transportation team, before releasing rabbit(s) in their care. 
    We do not knowingly sell any sick rabbits. Our rabbits will be healthy to the best of our knowledge when they leave our home, We are not responsible for their health after they leave. We ask you to look and check over your new addition very carefully. I also have the right to cancel or refuse a sale for any reason if a deposit has been paid after I decide to cancel the sale the deposit will be refunded (that is the only time a deposit will be returned) 


  • The buyer is in charge of choosing a transporter and ALL issues with the transporter are not liable to Flowertown Rabbits. If a rabbit you purchased goes on transport, and you fail to pick up the rabbit, no refund will be given. I will work with transportation to get the rabbit back to Flowertown Rabbits. You will not be able to purchase or adopt a rabbit from us again.  


We guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge at the time you pick up your bunny, it will be in good health and temperament. We provide regular health checks and will never knowingly sell a sick or injured rabbit. You are responsible for following our recommendations for feeding and care, as well as seeking veterinary assistance if necessary. We will not sell a pet bunny that has shown signs of aggression, but keep in mind that bunnies can become hormonal around 5/6 months of age. After the bunny leaves us, you are responsible for its health and well-being. No refunds will be offered. PLEASE FULLY EXAMINE YOUR BUNNY BEFORE YOU COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE! All rabbits are sexed before posting them as available, however, it is the buyer's responsibility to double-check gender at pick up. It can be very difficult to tell a baby bunny’s gender due to their small size and the differences in how some babies develop. While we’re generally quite accurate and we do check weekly as they mature, mistakes identifying gender can occur when purchasing a baby bunny.


Please read our Rabbit 101 section for more details about bunny care. Baby bunnies are particularly sensitive to stress and dietary changes.  Minimizing stress (such as other pets, rough play, startling noises, etc.) and keeping your bunny on the Sherwood Pet Health pellets and high-quality hay are all important, especially the first month home.


Flowertown Rabbits is not responsible for any injury, illness, or death of the rabbit after it leaves our care and while being transported. These circumstances are out of our control.

We reserve the right to change our sales policy at any time and to refuse sale of a bunny for any reason.  It is your responsibility to read our sales policy before purchase and to communicate effectively. 

If at any point in the life of the rabbit, the buyer is no longer able to keep him/her, we require that they notify us. We will take the rabbit back to either live out its days with us or re-home without refund. We do not want any of our bunnies to end up at an animal shelter or worse.


If you are concerned for your bunny’s health, or in an emergency, it is up to the owner whether or not to seek veterinary care. We will always encourage you to err on the side of caution. Rabbits tend to hide their symptoms when sick until the very end. The onset of symptoms can appear quickly and can be fatal if not addressed. Flowertown Rabbits is not responsible for any veterinary fees incurred at any point during the life of the animal.

Payment Methods

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